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  • About copyright

    Purpose of copyright, who owns copyright, duration, getting permission, infringement, copyright overseas.

  • Other rights

    Moral rights, artists' resale royalty, lending rights, patents, trademarks, intellectual property.

  • Artists' resale royalty scheme

    Under the artists' resale royalty scheme, all resales of artworks for $1,000 or more must be reported, and a 5% royalty is payable on certain resales.

  • Publishing and managing rights

    Publishing online, Creative Commons licences, website terms of use, 'blackline masters', PLR, ELR, news.

  • Libraries, archives, galleries, museums

    Libraries and other cultural institutions with collections (archives, galleries, museums) can make certain uses of copyright content without the permissions usually required.

  • Indigenous culture

    Resources, advice, protocols for Indigenous intellectual property

  • Policy and research

    Government reviews, policy developments, policy submissions, research reports, court decisions, Copyright Tribunal decisions.

  • Get advice and help

    Here are some sources of advice and information about working as a writer or visual artist, and publishing.

  • Acronyms

  • GC O'Donnell

    The biennial CG O'Donnell copyright essay prize, administered by the Australian Copyright Council, is awarded in honour of Gus O'Donnell.