NewsAccess for business

There are two licences available for businesses:

  1. The NewsAccess Licence is suitable for the digital use of newspapers.  For example, if you want to scan or email articles that you see in newspapers about your business or competitors and share them with co-workers or throughout your company, then you will need a NewsAccess Licence.
  2. The CopyrightAccess Licence is suitable if you want to use material from websites, books or journals or if you are photocopying newspaper or magazine articles.


Is the NewsAccess Licence right for your business?

In the day-to-day operations of business, sourcing information from newspapers and other publications is an important activity. However, if an article is scanned or photocopied and supplied to a client or colleague, or even if an online article is forwarded to a colleague via email, then this could be an infringement of copyright.

The NewsAccess Licence permits businesses to copy and communicate licensed newspaper and magazine articles throughout their company. So if you see an article relevant to your organisation you can clip, scan and email it to colleagues without stopping to get permission from the copyright owner (some exclusions apply).

For more information

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