Cultural Fund Increases to $2 million

November 3, 2009

At the Copyright Agency’s annual general meeting on 25 November, members voted to increase the amount which may be allocated to the Agency’s Cultural Fund from 1% to 1.5% of the company’s licensing income. Based on the Copyright Agency’s 2009–10 licensing revenue, the increase will mean that over $2 million will be available to support cultural projects across Australia in 2010–11.

The Cultural Fund supports a wide variety of projects which aim to enhance the economic and creative climate in which our members operate and provides practical assistance to the benefit of the Australian cultural community generally. The Fund also allocates $100,000 annually for the  Creative Industries’ Career Fund to support individuals in the publishing and visual arts sectors for their career development. Applicants can apply for grants of up to $5,000 to undertake training, travel or other activities that will enhance professional skills and position them to generate an income from their creative work.

Chair of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund Committee and Director, Brian Johns, says that with the improved financial capacity from the increase, the Cultural Fund will be able to play a greater role in encouraging Australia’s creativity through larger and more comprehensive initiatives brought to it for consideration.

‘There are always many more applications submitted to the Cultural Fund than can be supported. Having additional resources available to grant will help support some of these other initiatives which might otherwise miss out on funding.’

Mr Johns says the Copyright Agency’s role, through the Cultural Fund, as a leader for development in publishing and the visual arts has grown in importance over recent years.

‘Cultural Fund support is not only of immediate benefit to those receiving funding, but will leave a lasting legacy for creativity in Australia by building skills, and recognising and promoting Australian writing, publishing and visual arts.’

Applications to the Creative Industries Career Fund are open to the individual creator or those involved in the publishing and visual arts industries who wish to broaden their knowledge base, skills or expertise and take their careers to the next level. There is no specific application form  for funding, but it is recommended that you write an application that includes details of the event/course you would like to attend and how it will contribute to your career. Further details about application requirements can be found on CAL’s website.

Creative Industries Career Fund applications are considered by a selection panel made up of three experts from the publishing and creative industries. A shortlist is recommended to the the Copyright Agency’s Board for final approval.

The priority area for funding for the Cultural Fund is ‘supporting innovation in the Australian creative industries to develop local and foreign markets for Australian works.’

To discuss any aspect of your application feel free to email Cultural Fund Manager, Zoë Rodriguez or phone +612 9394 7600.

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