Copyright Agency welcomes moves to reduce online infringement

Copyright Advocacy

The Copyright Agency supports moves announced today by the Commonwealth Government to reduce online infringement of copyright.

This includes amending the Copyright Act to give creators the statutory power to seek a court order requiring internet service providers (ISPs) to block pirating sites.

The Copyright Agency welcomes the goodwill all parties are bringing to the table to design an industry code so that notices may also be sent to infringers.

“A conversation around online respect for creators is long overdue,” says CEO of the Copyright Agency, Murray St Leger.

“A notice scheme might start a conversation around the dining room table about what is the right thing to do for creators.

“As author John Birmingham says, ‘copyright is a codification of respect for creators.’

“If you respect the work of creators, be they authors, publishers, musicians or film-makers, it is a simple matter of digital etiquette to respect their copyright, which is the way they make their living.”

“Now is the time to consider and discuss what being a good digital citizen means,” Mr St Leger says.

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