iSentia signs first ‘scraping’ licence deal with Copyright Agency and newspaper publishers


Leading ASX-listed media intelligence company iSentia Group Ltd (ASX:ISD) has signed the first agreement in Australia that grants a licence for the scraping of certain online news and magazine content for clients.

The licence has been developed by the Copyright Agency, acting on behalf of Australia’s newspaper and magazine publishers. The deal includes paywalled content of Fairfax Media and NewsCorp Australia, including the Australian Financial Review and The Australian.

iSentia will harvest headlines and portions of text from online articles and deliver ‘news alerts’ to clients across multiple platforms. The alerts will include links taking clients to the original article on the publisher’s website. Clients will receive alerts about content directly relevant to their business or services.

Copyright Agency’s Director of Commercial Licensing, Ross McCaul, said “This is a landmark agreement that launches a new licensing framework for scraping online content. We’re particularly pleased as iSentia came to the table early to negotiate, and worked hard through various models to reach the deal we have. It highlights iSentia’s best practice approach for how copyright is managed across their client platforms.”

Copyco is the publishers’ joint venture company responsible for group copyright licensing of news masthead material. Copyco has been responsible for overseeing the negotiations between iSentia and Copyright Agency.

“We are delighted to have reached agreement on this licence,” said Gail Hambly, Group General Counsel, Fairfax Media, and Chair of Copyco.

“It is a significant milestone for the news media industry and for iSentia. Finding effective systems for licensing our content is a significant part of the news industry’s revenue model, and contributes to the long-term funding of quality journalism and news media. The fact that we have achieved agreement on this licence through co-operative negotiation is a credit to all involved. In the United Kingdom and the USA scraping licences were only agreed after long and expensive litigation.”

CEO and Managing Director of iSentia, John Croll, said “iSentia is proud to have a long and constructive working history with media proprietors and the Copyright Agency in Australia, and we are delighted to be the first media intelligence company to be able to provide our clients with full article access to all the online content of Australia’s major publishers, including subscription content.”

About iSentia Pty Ltd
iSentia is the Asia-Pacific region’s leading business intelligence company, providing over 5,000 clients with media information, analysis and advice 24/7/365. iSentia has more than 1,100 employees across 15 countries filtering information from over 5,500 print, radio and television media outlets and over 250 million online conversations per month. Our talented people, innovative search technology, comprehensive coverage and expert research provide the tools and insight to allow our clients to manage media relationships effectively, track and analyse issues of interest across all media, and discover and share valuable insights that drive smarter decisions.

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