First Private Education Licence Signed in Singapore


Private education provider Academies Australasia’s acquisition of a group-wide copyright licence sets the benchmark for strong corporate governance in the Singapore private education market.

As Singapore’s private education sector continues to develop, those providers delivering quality and high levels of trust are a step ahead of the competition.

Through a network of 18 colleges in Australia and Singapore, Academies Australasia offers 248 qualifications including Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master degrees.

Copyright Agency|CLASS developed its licence for private education colleges to provide Singaporean private education providers with risk-free access to quality content.  This is essential to build its international reputation as a first-class education hub.

Christopher Campbell, Group Managing Director of Academies Australasia, says: “The licence Academies Australasia in Australia has relied upon since 2008 offers us many benefits including easy, legal access to quality content and a simple way for us to manage our risk and reputation.  Taking up a Copyright Agency|CLASS licence for Academies Australasia College in Singapore gives us the confidence that our operations in Singapore are also compliant with copyright law.’

Copyright Agency|CLASS spokesperson, Paul Wee says: “Trust has always been a key consideration in the private education industry in Singapore. Much work has been done by the government, for example in enacting the Private Education Act, and establishing the Council of Private Education (CPE) but private education providers need to be committed to build and retain consumer trust in their own organisations. It is also crucial that they focus on quality.  A copyright licence, offering access to unlimited sources of quality material, can help institutions provide more relevant courses while also ensuring that trust in the school’s brand is maintained.”

About Copyright Agency|CLASS

Copyright Agency CLASS is an Australian/Singaporean copyright management organisation linking creators and users of copyright material.

We provide simple ways for people to reproduce, store and share words, images and other creative content, in return for fair payment. In doing so, we connect the creators, owners and users of copyright material. With Copyright Agency CLASS licences, organisations can easily access material without infringing copyright.

We distribute the licence fees collected to members, the copyright creators, when their work is used. Copyright Agency CLASS has more than 25,000 local and international members including publishers, journalists, artists’ photographers and authors.

Our licences suit the needs of a variety of organisations including educational institutions, commercial businesses, non-profit organisations, associations, government departments, agencies and government-related bodies. The copyright licences administered by Copyright Agency|CLASS provide an effective solution covering all staff and allow you to make the most of content, wherever you source it from,


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