The Griffith Review’s Novella Project


The massive migration of the past generation is not only changing Australia but reviving the need to find new ways to tell forgotten stories that are part of a shared but often overlooked cultural heritage of this country. Forgotten Stories will redefine what it means to be Australian in the twenty-first century.

The competition run by the Griffith Review, was open to citizens and residents of Australia and New Zealand and aims to explore new and revived forms of storytelling.

In 2012, Griffith REVIEW 38: The Novella Project played a major role in enabling Australian and New Zealand authors to gain a foothold in the international revival of the novella. It was a best-seller at independent bookshops and widely praised by reviewers. Griffith REVIEW 46: Novella Project 2: Forgotten Stories explores through fiction forgotten stories with a historical dimension, delving beyond the handful of iconic tales that have grown threadbare.

The final works have been published in the Griffith REVIEW 2014 annual fiction edition and as eSingles available online.

Both editions were proudly supported by the Cultural Fund, which is about supporting a wide variety of projects assisting writers, artists, publishers and the Australian cultural community to deliver new work and fresh initiatives.

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