Copyright Agency Strikes Deal with Public Relations Institute of Australia


Under a new deal struck between the Copyright Agency and the Public Relations Institute of Australia, PRIA’s Registered Consultancy Group members will be able to offer their clients a special 10 per cent discount on a copyright licence.

The deal expands and develops a 2013 National Agreement between PRIA’s RCG and the Copyright Agency. Director of Commercial Licensing at the Copyright Agency, Guy Johnson, says, “This additional agreement has been struck in response to the success of the partnership between the Copyright Agency and the Registered Consultancy Group over the past years which, among a number of benefits, offers PR Consultancies a 10 per cent discount on licences.

“The licence allows PR consultancies to use an extraordinarily wide range of copyright material including material for proposals for new business, reports for clients on the effectiveness of campaigns, emails to clients and internal presentations. Not only is it good governance taking a licence, it ensures revenue flows back to journalism,” Mr Johnson says.

“Registered Consultancy Group members are among the most copyright-savvy professional groups in the country with a very high take-up of licences. PRIA’s RCG members have become educators and advocates for protecting copyright. As a result, we are extending the partnership, effective immediately, so RCGs can offer copyright licences to their clients at a 10 per cent discount.”

National President of the PRIA, Jenny Muir, says, “Protecting the rights of content creators is important if we want investment in the information economy and innovation. Our RCG members understand the values of ideas and content and many already advise clients on the general principles of copyright in relation to the consumption and use of third-party content.”

“This new partnership means RCG members can offer their clients a terrific value-add to their business relationship in the way of the discount, while ensuring continued support for journalists, publishers and other originators of content,” Muir said.

The offer is only valid for RCG client companies that do not already hold Copyright Agency licences, until 30 August 2017. The Copyright Agency consultants will be available for training and support on copyright compliance best practice for all PRIA members, RCG members, and their nominated clients.