Create Career Fund open to support artists

September 20, 2017

The Create Career Fund is currently accepting applications from mid-to-late career artists like recent recipient Julia deVille, who is currently mid-way into preparing a major solo exhibition: Faunaphilia, to be held at the Linden New Art Gallery in Melbourne in 2018.

Julia’s show will include an infant giraffe preserved using taxidermy techniques and encrusted with jewels and beading. The jeweller, taxidermist and visual artist was granted $15,000 to support the development of her work.

“This funding provides a wonderful support to my research in the realms of holographic art and augmented-reality,” she says. “By combining physical sculptures and holograms, I hope to engage viewers in an entirely new way.”

Two other creators were selected from more than 60 applicants to the latest round of the Create Career Fund, a stream of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund:

Create Career Fund supports mid-to-late career artists and authors by providing grants that allow the time to develop new work. Grants are allocated in $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 amounts.

Judge, poet Jill Jones, says “There was a wonderful diversity in the scope of the applicants’ projects and we’ve selected three that show great potential to be the career-defining work for these creators.”

Each of the creators have demonstrated a clear sense of their projects, and the significance which these new works will bring to their career, Jones observed.

Author Sally Morgan says “I’ve been collecting stories that examine the effects of colonisation on Aboriginal people for many years. To be able to dedicate time to present them as a comprehensive collection of linked stories in verse and prose is very special.”

For poet Margie Cronin, professionally known as MTC, the focus will be more aligned with the everyday. In her new work:‘The Dictionary of Rescued Ideas, MTC is re-defining “things and concepts” that have been consigned to the ordinary. “My intention is to take readers ‘by surprise’ into new territories of meaning,” she says.

Cultural Fund and Reading Australia Officer Nicola Evans says, “We are thrilled to be offering financial support to these creators, each of whom is so unique in their practice, so that they can really commit time and focus to their projects. The Create grant ensures projects with potential to offer ground-breaking and new insights to the creative community will be completed to a high standard.”

The next round for the Create grant is now open. For more information and to apply, click here.

Genocide, 2012. Materials: Sterling silver, black diamonds, finches. Artwork by: Julia de Ville Image by: Terence Bogue

Genocide, 2012. Materials: Sterling silver, black diamonds, finches. Artwork by: Julia de Ville Image by: Terence Bogue