Workshops seek member input for improved processes

June 12, 2018

The Copyright Agency is embarking on a substantial business transformation project to improve the way we interact with our members and customers.

This includes a major revamp of the systems we use to make close to $120 million in copyright royalty payments to members each year. We need to upgrade these systems so that we can continue to distribute money to members in future. We also want to improve the way we interact with members and provide enhanced member services while improving overall efficiency.

As we begin this important change process, we want to be well informed by the views of our members and customers.

As such, we recently held a series of half-day workshops with different groups of members: individual creators such as authors, artists and surveyors; and publishers and agents.

Facilitated by KPMG, the workshops were a starting point for us to gain a deeper understanding of the experience members have when they interact with us.

Input from these sessions will help inform and prioritise our members requirements so that we can build a new system that reduces unnecessary complexity and delivers more of what our members value.