Are you prepared for our December payments?

October 2, 2018

In December, we will distribute approximately $14m to members for licence fees. These payments are for electronic sharing and photocopying of member content in the education and commercial sectors.

If you are expecting a payment, here’s a reminder to consider the following:

Tax payments

Payments from the Copyright Agency are treated as income for tax purposes. If you have not provided us with an up-to-date Australian Business Number, your payments for commercial (rather than educational) licensing arrangements may incur Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tax.

See our FAQ on Tax for more information.

Sharing Payments

Depending on the information we have about your work, you might receive 100% of a payment which would then need to be shared with other rightsholders, based on your publishing contract.

See our FAQ on Shared Payments for more information.

Note: If you would prefer not to have to make on-payments to others, please let us know. We will then make payments to your publisher who can share the payments with you in accordance with your contract.

Contact Details

Remember to check that we have your most up-to-date bank, ABN and contact details by logging into your online member account.

See our FAQ on Updating Details for more information.


Copyright Agency has compiled a list of NSW surveyors whose plan numbers have appeared in our data and are entitled to a royalty payment but who have not become a member of the agency. If you recognise a friend or colleague within this list, please encourage them to contact our Member Services team at: for more information.

Do you have questions?

Our online Help Centre hosts a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on topics including payments and distributions.

The Help Centre also features a live online chat function which provides direct contact with Copyright Agency staff.

You can review all upcoming Copyright Agency distributions here.

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