Has your work been published in print or online?

November 6, 2018 | Author

Building on the success of our recent Image Royalty Claim, the Copyright Agency is currently inviting writers and artists to complete a short online form about their published works.

We want to increase the information we hold about works for which artists and writers retain copyright to assist with our distribution of copyright fees.

Artists and writers may be eligible to claim from a pool of royalties if:

  • You are a member of Copyright Agency (or have applied for membership and we have emailed you an Account ID); AND
  • Your image or text work has been included in an Australian publication (book, ebook, journal, online journal, magazine, newspaper etc); AND
  • You retain copyright in the work(s).

We are interested in information from writers whose work has been published with other people’s works (e.g. in an anthology or edited collection), rather than writers entitled to royalties from their publisher.

Eligible participants will receive at least $50 if we can verify the information you supply, and you meet the defined criteria.

Applications to the current Writers’ Royalty Claim close on 19 November 2018. For further details and to complete the writers’ claim, click here.

Applications to our latest Image Royalty Claim close on 21 December 2018. For further details and to complete the image claim, click here.

Payments to eligible recipients will be made via your member account within the first half of 2019.

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