Jane Curry re-elected to Copyright Agency Board

Company News

The outcome of this year’s election for the Publisher Director position on the Copyright Agency’s Board was announced at the company’s AGM on Wednesday 28 November 2018.

Two nominations were received, one from the incumbent director Jane Curry (Ventura Press) and one from Margrete Lamond, a publisher member who is the founder of Dirt Lane Press.

Jane Curry won the vote and has been returned as Publisher Director.

Copyright Agency Chair Kim Williams told the AGM:

“I would like to thank Margrete Lamond for participating in the election process – it is heartening to have engaged members who are prepared to step up. I would also like to welcome Jane Curry of Ventura Press back to the Board. Jane has been a wonderful member of the Board and great advocate for copyright. We look forward to continuing to work with Jane over her next term.

“Board directors, journalist Adele Ferguson and visual artist Dr Oliver Watts, will remain on the Board as their positions have not been contested.

“I am delighted to welcome back onto the Board Adele Ferguson who has been in the position of Author elected director since the AGM in 2015. Adele is a wonderful asset to the company. I would also like to warmly welcome to our Board, Dr Oliver Watts, who has been acting as the Transitional Artist Director for the last year, nominated by the Viscopy Board as part of the merger with Copyright Agency in the past 12 months. During the last year, Ollie has made a significant contribution and brought a deep insight into the issues facing creators that has enriched our experience on the Board to serve all of our members. I look forward to continuing to work with them both.”