Apply for a Royalty Claim

If your written works or images been published in books, journals, magazines, newspapers or online, you may be eligible for a royalty payment from the Copyright Agency.

Copyright Agency manages licence fees that allow educational institutions, government, businesses and others to copy and share text and images. Each year, we make a distribution to writer and artist members whose works are available for use under our licences.

Completing the Royalty Claim will improve our information about works copied and shared under our licence arrangements, and about which works our writer members have retained copyright in. This allows us to improve the data we use to allocate payments to writer and visual artists members.


We will pay you at least $50 (AUD) if meet the eligibility criteria; that is

  1. your images or written works have been published in books, journals, magazines or newspapers
  2. you provide the required information
  3. you retain the copyright for those works. Learn more about Copyright Ownership
  4. We can verify the information you give us is correct, and
  5. You are a member of Copyright Agency: membership is free, but we require people to agree to our membership terms before we make a payment to you.


The Royalty Claim campaign closed on Friday, 22 January 2021. But you can add your works at any time through your online account.

Existing members

If you are a member but you haven’t give us information before, you can start straight away.


  1. We’ve provided a guide on how to register your works under our Help Centre, How do I register my works with you?
  2. If you have given us information before, you can now view your already registered works on your online account. View Where can I see my works from last year?
  3. Still have other questions? Read our FAQs for the Royalty Claim on our Help Centre here.

Log in and add works

Not a member?

You’ll need to join Copyright Agency first before you can add works.

Membership is free and joining only takes a few minutes.

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