Create Career Fund Guidelines

The Create Career Fund supports individual mid-to-late career artists and authors by providing grants to support time to write and create.

Applicants are able to apply for grants of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. Two rounds are held each year with $50,000 available for each round.

Applicants must be able to provide a clear outline of their creative project along with the following information.

Authors will need to

  • Provide evidence that they have commenced work
  • Provide a sample of their work and an overview or synopsis
  • An estimated publication date
  • A list of previous publications of at least 5 to 6 works
  • A letter of endorsement from a publisher or editor

Artists will need to

  • Provide a sample of their work
  • A list of previous solo and significant curated exhibitions
  • An estimated date of your next exhibition
  • A letter of endorsement from a gallerist
  • Provide evidence that you have commenced work on your project


Successful applicants must return the signed letter of offer and submit an invoice for the full amount within four weeks of receipt of notification of their successful application.


Successful applicants must submit an online acquittal report in relation to the activity for which they have received funding.

Acquittals must report on exactly what the grant was used for and detail the success or otherwise of the activity. As well as noting successful outcomes, acquittals must disclose any areas where the activity did not deliver on expected outcomes. Acquittals must be submitted in accordance with the time-frame outlined in the offer of funding. Where applicants are unable to supply an acquittal within this time-frame, they must contact the Copyright Agency Career Fund Manager and discuss amending their reporting requirements.

Where an applicant has failed to submit an adequate acquittal, they will not be granted subsequent funding until a satisfactory acquittal has been submitted to Copyright Agency.


Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

If your proposal meets the Create Career Fund guidelines, and you are able to provide evidence and documentation as outlined above please apply via the online system powered by Smartygrants. Create Career Fund allocations are made by a panel of independent experts from the publishing and visual arts sectors, read more about the judging panel here.


Only one round of funding is open at a time, the next round of Ignite Career Funding will open in the next couple of weeks and will close 17 August 2017.

If you have read the guidelines and still have application queries, you can contact Career Fund Manager, Susan Cole, by emailing


If you are unsure how to complete the budget please download the CREATE Career Fund Sample Budget.

More information and contact

Email Career Fund Phone Career Fund +612 9394 7600

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