2013 Career Fund Projects

Some of the projects supported by the Creative Industries Career Fund in 2013.

Recipient Amount Description
Melissa Deerson $2,500 Melissa will undertake a residency in interdisciplinary practices in Bio Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York where artists, museum professionals and scientists will work with artists addressing how bio-sciences impact on social, ethical and cultural values in society.
Adrienne Kneebone $2,000 Adrienne will be taking up a residency in the North Island of Fiji where she will be working with a small group of women from Savusavu in the area of contemporary weaving.
Craig Cormick $1,000 Craig will attend the Key West Literary Seminar and Workshop in the USA to undertake an intensive high-level workshop on creative non-fiction and the techniques of modern crime and thriller fiction.
Tamara Pearce $600 As the recipient of the 2014 Varuna Eric Dark Flagship Fellowship for non-fiction writing, Tamara will use her Career Fund support to take up the residency awarded with the fellowship and develop her skills as a writer of non-fiction narrative.
Les Wicks $2,500 Les will be attending the Austin International Poetry Festival, honing his skills in performance poetry and attending workshops alongside leaders of performance poetry.
Oslo Davis $2,900 Oslo will attend the ICON 8 conference for illustrators in the USA.
David Turley $1,750 David will undertake a residency at the Museum of Ideas in Lviv, Ukraine where he will experience traditional Carpathian Boyko to learn about folk architectural and sculptural construction.
Lorraine Heller-Nicholas $2,500 Lorraine will attend the 42ndAnnual Conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America in Washington, USA which looks at how public libraries can support professional art practices and the art community.
Alison Rooke $2,100 Alison will undertake a two week dramaturgy mentorship with the Associate Program Director at the Lark Play Development Centre in New York, including participating as a dramaturg in the Playwrights Workshop and Studio Retreat programs, and undertaking a residency as guest playwright.
Macushla Robinson $1,600 Macushla participate in the College Art Association Conference in Chicago.
Pete Volich $2,000 Pete will attend the Lens Culture FotoFest in Paris to engage in portfolio reviews with internationally esteemed curators, photographic artists and critics and develop his photography skills.
Joel Mu $1,500 Joel will undertake a mentorship with Director of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Ariane Byen.
Marc Martin $1,000 Marc will attend the Bologna Book Fair 2014 to learn techniques, technologies and processes of illustration and character creation.
Maxine Mellor $2,300 Maxine will participate in the Inscription US Tour 2014, learning from leading American playwrights.
Lauren Brincat $2,500 Lauren will undertake a residency at the Cite Internationale Des Arts in Paris to work with Marc Bembekoff at the Palais de Tokyo.
Christine Sun $2,500 Christine will attend courses and workshop programs through the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (NAATI).
Amy Miller $1,500 Amy will undertake a mentorship with Paul Gazzola, Curator of Live Art TEMPORARY DEMOCRACIES, which will include hands on experience and professional development in new ways to engage local communities through arts projects and public programs.
Summa Durie $1,500 Summa will participate in the 7th edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Edinburgh which will include mentorships with leading Festival Directors.
Svetlana Bailey $1,800 Svetlana will participate in the Singapore International Photography Festival in 2014, to participate in portfolio reviews, attend artist and curator talks, and participate in photography workshops.
Dr Donna West Brett $2,000 Donna will attend the American College Art Association’s annual International Art Historians Conference – the world’s largest international art conference.
Kim Brockett $5,000 Kim will be undertaking an internship with MOMA in New York focussing on the Major Gifts area, including donor prospecting and events.
Rebekah Clarkson $2,500 Rebecca will attend workshops as part of the 13th International Conference of the Short Story in English in Vienna.
Tony Duke $3,040 Tony will attend the UK Publishers Association Digital Publishing Forum seminar in the UK and undertake a mentorship.
Philip Hammial $1,700 Philip will attend the 10th Granada International Poetry Festival in Nicaragua.
Amanda Macri $2,300 Amanda will attend the four day Leadership by Design course at Banff in Canada where she will be exploring innovative approaches to organisational and project management with a focus on design thinking.
Alia Mahmoud $2,500 Alia will attend the Bite the Big Apple Cultural Management intensive program in New York.
Jeanmarie Morosin $2,500 Jeanmarie will undertake a workshop at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Massachusetts on Visual Thinking Strategies.
Wendy Murray $2,000 Wendy will travel to Minnesota to undertake two specialised programs with two commercial screen print studios.
Alison Murphy-Oates $5,000 Five emerging Aboriginal Artists and arts managers have been invited to attend the In the Balance: Indigeneity Performance, Globalisation conference and the corresponding Ecocentrix: Indigenous Arts, Sustainable Acts exhibition and the Origins Festival of First Nations in London.
Lisa D’Onofrio $2,000 Lisa will attend the 2014 Edinburgh Ateliar for young festival directors – an intensive program for selected emerging arts festival directors.
Glyn Roberts $2,000 Glyn will be developing and exploring the methodology within the dramaturgy departments of theatres in Germany and the Netherlands, looking at methods of developing and creating new work with playwrights and how their approaches are different from and can inform Australian writing for performance.
Louise Tegart $5,000 Louise will be focusing on developing skills in audience development and strategy whilst attending the International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management in Bilbao, New York and Abu Dhabi.
Angela Welyczko $1,080 Angela will attend workshops with artist Ellie Young at Gold Street Studios in Victoria to learn new photographic processes.
Catherine Connolly $3,000 Catherine will be developing technical sculptural and installation skills as part of a three month residency at New York Art Residency and Studios Foundation (NARS).
Laurine Croasdale $505 Laurine will be attending the Interactive Technology in Education Conference aimed at national and international educators, in Sydney.
Michelle Culpitt $2,800 Michelle will be building on her skills as an arts writer by attending the 26 week writing program and structured mentorship at Banff in Canada.
Estelle Dean $3,200 Estelle is a glass artist using funds to undertake a deep slumping  masterclass with Karl Harron, at Oatka School, New York.
Lara Dodd $995 Lara will be developing her writing skills in the art of romance by attending the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Freemantle in August 2013.
Briony Galligan $3,000 Briony will be using funds to undertake a specialised course in textile construction and printing at the Rhode Island School of Design, USA.
Phillip Judd $1000 Phillip is a cartoonist who will be developing his illustration, drawing and storytelling skills by undertaking the online correspondence course at the London Art College.
Chris Kunz $3,500 Chris will using funds to explore innovative transmedia storytelling at StoryDrive at the Franfurt bookfair in October 2013.
Michelle Mantsio $2,500 Michelle is an artist with an interest in pattern construction and will also be attending Banff at a six-week residency and mentorship by Will Holder, focussing on publishing and conversation in art using scored and improvised music.
Margie Oldfield $2,840 Margie will be developing her printing skills by attending the Gyotaku four-day print workshop in Tokyo.
James Phelan $2,500 James will be honing his thriller writing skills at the 2013 Thrillerfest conference in New York.
Dimity Powell $1,500 Dimity is a childrens’ writer who will use funds for a structured mentorship and workshop at the Children’s and Young Adult Writers And Illustrators (CYA) Conference in Brisbane.
Dee White $3,700 Dee will be undertaking a structured mentorship, with Ellen Hopkins working in the genre of verse novel.
Angela Leech $2,200 Angela will undertake a residency at the Santa Fe Institute of Art in New Mexico where she will learn new sculptural techniques and participate in the Institute of American Indian Arts educational program.
Berenice Carrington $2,000 Berenice will participate in a mentorship at Shetland Arts in the UK to integrate a public art process with ethnographic drawing practice. The mentorship will explore the artist-in-residency model as a social platform to engage community in a dialogue about significant episodes from their collective past.
Brown Council $4,000 Sydney-based performance collaboration Brown Council will attend Performa 13, New York’s biennial of visual art performance to strengthen members’ own practice and help build the profile of Australian artists internationally.
Kel Glaister $600 Kel will undertake a short course at Central Saint Martins in London exploring drawing as a means for producing and developing ideas. Glaister will participate in workshops, gallery visits, talks by guest practitioners and curators, and a site‑responsive drawing project.
Kirsty Boyle $3000 Kirsty will undertake a residency in Japan with artisan Mr Tamaya Shobei, a ninth generation Karakuri Ningyo craftsman, focussing on traditional Karakuri Ningyo (mechanical doll) making techniques.
Laura Delaney $3,000 Laura will undertake two UK-based residencies atForest Fringe, an artist-led initiative at Edinburgh Festival, and Fierce Festival, an international festival of live art across Birmingham, to learn about site-specific installations and texts.
Monica Behrens $3,000 Monica will attend a residency program at the Performance Art Forum in St Erme, France to explore the emerging field of Speculative Realism through seminars, workshops, a mentorship and an open studio where Behrens will receive feedback from some of Europe’s cutting edge artists and philosophers.
Natasha Frisch $2,800 Natasha will undertake a residency at the New York Artist Residency and Studios Foundation in Brooklyn where she will receive studio visits from critics, curators and gallerists to provide her with on-the-job education and help develop her skills. Frisch will also present artist talks and workshops, and develop site-specific installations that mimic Australian flora and engage with New York environments.
Omar Adnan Chowdhury $2,200 Omar will undertake an International Artist Residency at Dhaka Art Centre in Bangladesh, exploring Islamic and Hindu traditions and how to represent these experiences through the moving image and in a gallery space.
Samia Khatun $3,000 Samia will undertake a mentorship at the Asian American Writers Workshop (AAWW) in New York. Whilst in New York, Khatun will provide a presentation on Asian writing emerging from Australia and contribute to an AAWW oral history project documenting urban change in marginalised communities in New York..
Sherre de Lys Chambers $3,235 Sherre will attend the International Features Conference (Norway) and Trans-X Transmission Art Symposium (Canada) to investigate the possibilities of Transmission Arts through workshops, installations and performances.
Zane Lovitt $3,000 Zane will attend workshops and presentations at theThrillerfest conference in New York, the world’s preeminent conference for writers of crime fiction.


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