2020 Emergency Action Funding

2020 Emergency Action Funding Successful Applicants

Abadee, Nicole $5,000 Books, Books, Books” podcast featuring interviews with Australian writers
All That We Are $5,000 ArTELIER Youth: professional mentoring for aspiring writers and illustrators
Arnot, Tully $2,500 To support research, learning and development of new skills in building virtual reality artworks for an online visual arts exhibition
Artspace Visual Arts Centre $6,000 Jonathan Jones – a major research & community engagement visual arts project
Avant Gaga $10,000 The Poetry Night at Sappho – a monthly poetry event that presents a diverse selection of established and emerging poets
Awad, Amal $5,000 To write a novel, ‘The Things We See in the Light’
Baker, Tiyan $2,500 To support the development and delivery of a new online collaborative visual arts project, ‘Panic Buy’
Bates, Vanessa $5,000 To write an interlocking suite of ten theatrical monologues about different female characters, creating a play, ‘Girls On Film’
Betzien, Angela $5,000 To write ‘Chalkface’, a new play
Blake, Tom $2,500 For a visual arts project, ‘cliche of the stone’
Booked Out Speakers Agency $5,000 Reaching Out Online – bringing online writers’ and illustrators’ events to Australian schools
Brisbane Writers’ Festival $5,000 Room to Dream online writers’ festival
Bruniges, Tim $5,000 ‘Music between rooms’, a visual arts project featuring a new response to remote, live sound installation practice
Byron Writers’ Festival $28,290 Byron Writers’ Festival 2020 Online
Canberra Glassworks $8,000 Residency for visual artist Megan Cope
Canberra Writers’ Festival $5,000 Canberra Writers’ Festival 2020 Online
Centre for Stories $4,800 Journal – to create a series of online writing by emerging and established Australian writers
Children’s Book Council Australia NSW Branch $10,000 Kids, Book Creators with Curious Creatures at Taronga Zoo
Cosmos Magazine $16,000 New ways of seeing: Commissions for creative writers to engage with Australian science through a series of long-form features in Cosmos magazine
Croggon, Zoe $2,500 To support the creation and exhibition of a new visual arts project
Curious Works $9,700 Everything Is Fine – Writers’ Group Development – A collaborative theatre project developed by young, Western Sydney writers, sharing their perspectives and experiences with mental health through comedy and story-telling
Elborne, Dan $2,500 For a visual arts project exploring the culture of violence
Giggs, Rebecca $5,000 To develop a narrative non-fiction book, ‘Pet’
Glastonbury, Keri $2,500 81 Austerities (Revisited), a new poetry collection
Groom, Amala $5,000 Visual arts project, ‘be here now’
Guardian Australia/Penguin Random House/individual writers $75,000 To commission Australian writers to respond to the challenges of 2020 in the series Fire, Flood and Plague, published in Guardian Australia from July onwards. These essays and more will be published by Penguin Random House on 1 December 2020 in the anthology, Fire, Flood and Plague edited by Sophie Cunningham.
Hannan, Victoria $4,650 Towards writing the second draft of novel, ‘Marshmellow’
Herrick, Steven $5,000 A tour of schools and public libraries in regional NSW, regional Qld and Brisbane to publicise new book
Inside Story Publishing $11,000 Inside Story – special commissions for feature articles and high-quality analysis from Australian writers
Iwantja Arts $11,000 For Vincent Namatjira to create a new body of work
Janson, Julie $5,000 To write a new novel, ‘Wilga’, about the death of a river
John Fries Award $10,000 To create Artist Videos for the 2020 John Fries Award finalists
Kill Your Darlings $4,000 Digital Marketing Professional Development for staff
Koh, Julie $5,000 Research to support writing the second draft of novel, ‘Universal Protagonist’
Lang, Steven $5,000 To write a novel, ‘The Coming of the Sheep’
Le, Nam $5,000 To write a suite of long poems, each about a “place” in Melbourne
Leal, Suzanne $5,000 To write a novel, ‘The Wrath of Evelyn White’
Llewellyn, Caro $5,000 Together – Remotely, a series of regular online forums featuring writers affected by COVID-19
Lukins, Robert $5,000 Writing the first draft of a new novel, ‘The Ecstasy of Tess’
Mackellar, Maggie $5,000 To write a novel, ‘Diary of a Shepherd’
Maslen, Kylie $5,000 For the creative development of a new full-length work of narrative non-fiction, ‘It Gets Better’
Melbourne Writers’ Festival $25,000 Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2020 Online
Mutton, Katy $2,500 For a visual arts project, ‘The Panopticon’
Parry, Naomi $5,000 To write ‘Musquito and his world: exploring colonial lives’
Pickrell, John $5,000 ‘Flames of Extinction’ – writing about the recent bushfires
Poetry In Action $25,000 Poetry In Action 2020 online program
Rackham, Melinda $2,500 For visual artist project, #remakemistresses
Riddle, Naomi $6,000 To publish new critical writing and commission visual artworks in the journal Running Dog
Sharpe, Wendy $2,500 A visual arts project, ‘Dreams in Dark Times – Pandemic Diary’
Southerly Journal $12,000 Writing Through Fences – contributors’ fees for new writing by refugee writers
Spicer, Tracey $5,000 Wednesday Night Book Club – a series of interviews with Australian women and marginalised writers conducted by noted reviewers and writers
Stockdale, Jacqui $2,500 For a visual arts project, ‘Isolation Diorama’
Sydney Writers’ Festival $35,000 Sydney Writers’ Festival 2020 Online
TasWriters $5,000 Residencies supporting Tasmanian writers to create new work
Taweel, Shireen $5,000 ‘Switching Codes’ a visual arts project that will unpack the Lebanese cultural practice of code-switching between Arabic, French and English via the medium of sculpture and sound
Theatre Works $5,000 She Writes – a new writing and performance program for emerging or mid-career female-identifying playwrights
Valentine, Alana $5,000 To write a new play, PILGRIM 21
WestWords $5,000 Online programs to support writers from Western Sydney
Woodward, Tim $2,500 A visual arts project, ‘Food_Moves’
Word Travels $12,000 Word Travels 2020 Program – to deliver online workshops, public forums, mentoring and poetry slam events from June to October as part of the international Australian Poetry Slam (APS) and Story-Fest
Writing WA $4,800 Love to Read Local – to enable Writing WA to pay ASA rates to WA authors to participate in virtual book club events


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