What does Flex for librarians do?

Flex for librarians is an online tool that makes the task of preparing copyright-compliant course reading material for students simpler and faster.

What does Flex for librarians cost?

Flex for librarians is a no-cost inclusion for medium to large educational institutions as part of your annual Copyright Agency licence.

What are the benefits of using Flex for librarians?

Librarians and students can quickly and confidently:

  • verify the copyright status of content for course packs
  • search for available publisher content hosted on the shared Flex for librarians central cloud based repository (including Cengage, Allen & Unwin, Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Harper Collins, Wiley, Penguin Random House, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis.
  • order high quality scans directly from the British Library (over 87m documents)
  • assign content to students
  • save time and duplication of effort
  • access Flex for librarians via your LMS

How long does it take to set Flex for librarians up?

Setting up a demonstration or trial can take only a few minutes.

Training can take up to two hours and setting up the authentication integration can take up to three days.

How do I access Flex for librarians?

Flex for librarians is in the cloud and can be logged into directly by those with a username and password. Links to access content are shared via your institution’s LMS.

Why has Copyright Agency developed Flex for librarians?

Flex for librarians has been developed to digitise and improve the use of copyright material under your Copyright Agency licence through an online platform. Data on usage will assist the Copyright Agency to ensure we make more accurate payments to our author and publisher members. These are the educational authors and publishers that provide the pedagogically-rich educational material that private colleges and TAFEs use every day to educate their students.

Will Copyright Agency monitor data about how Flex for librarians is used?

The Copyright Agency will access the usage data generated by Flex for librarians to improve the accuracy of the copyright payments we make to our members.


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