Online teaching in lockdown

While online teaching has been around for a long time, particularly in universities, it is relatively new to many teachers in schools.

Online teaching is supported by the education statutory licence. The licence allows teachers to copy and share text, images, print music excerpts (see here) and broadcast content (see here) for their students. There are also licences for music in education institutions: see here.

For text, images and print music excerpts, the education statutory licence allows:

  • copying that includes: photocopying, printing, scanning, taking a photo, downloading, recording a lesson, and saving to an online teaching environment with password access
  • sharing that includes: emailing to students, and giving students access to content available online with a password, such as a learning management system (like Moodle or Blackboard), an education platform (like Google Classroom), a classroom wiki or a shared drive.

The licence does not allow copying of an entire publication that you can buy: for example, it does not allow you to digitise an entire book that you can purchase as an eBook. You can, however, copy a reasonable portion.

Storytime Agreement: the Australian Society of Authors and Australian Publishers Association have renewed the Storytime Agreement for the 2021 lockdowns: see here.

19 August 2021

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