The New Industry Standard Agreement

Copyright Agency has developed a new media monitoring licence agreement which is available to full service media monitoring organisations.

The new industry standard licence provides media monitoring organisations with rights to copy and communicate the text of news media content for the purpose of media monitoring and analysis across more than 2,000 Copyright Agency publisher members – including the Australian Associated Press, the ABC, Australian Community Media, ARE Media (formerly Bauer Media), News Corp, Nine Publishing, MacPherson Media, Private Media, SBS, Star News Group and West Australian Newspapers.

Through reciprocal arrangements, media monitoring organisations also have rights to monitor and analyse content from members of the NLA (UK) and CFC (France) within the Asia Pacific region, including The Guardian (UK) and The Daily Mail (UK).

The licence agreement also continues to enable media monitoring organisations to act as Copyright Agency’s agent to provide certain rights to its customers to share content within their organisation to employees and directors.

Under the agreement, money will flow to publishers for the use of all news content by media monitoring organisations and their corporate and government clients, be it an item from print, behind-the-paywall online access or digital snippets.

CEO of Copyright Agency Adam Suckling hailed the agreement as a 21st century licensing framework that responds to major changes in the media landscape.

“This is a huge win for Australian journalism, at a time when media business models face challenges,” he said.

“This agreement positions Australia at the forefront of capturing payment for digital use of content and ensuring that publishers are fairly remunerated for their work.”

“The new licence covers everything from agenda-setting news to community-based reporting, as well as Australia’s most in-depth coverage of business, politics and government. It also covers a wide range of international titles.”

For more information about obtaining the licence, contact:

Guy Johnson
Director Commercial Licensing
02 9394 7605

Lucinda Gardiner
Licensing & Compliance Manager
02 9394 7786