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To become an illustrator member of the Copyright Agency, you must own or control the reproduction and/or communication rights in works and published editions.

As a Visual Artist, you can choose from two types of membership, most artists join up for both. Since 2 July 2012, Copyright Agency has been managing Viscopy’s services under a services agreement. The agreement sets out the deductions from licence fees for Viscopy members that may be made by Copyright Agency.


Membership of Viscopy entitles artists to licence fees from:

  • Viscopy licences (e.g. to public galleries and auction houses)
  • educational and government use of images in TV broadcasts under statutory licences if you are not a Screenrights member
  • uses of images overseas under licence schemes managed by Viscopy international affiliates.


Membership for Visual Artists with the Copyright Agency entitles artists to licence fees from:

  • educational and government use of images under the education and government copying schemes (statutory licences)
  • uses of images overseas under licence schemes managed by Copyright Agency international affiliates.


If you are just a member of Viscopy and not a member of Copyright Agency, there is an additional fee deducted by Viscopy from statutory licence fees collected by Copyright Agency. That fee is 17% for income collected between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2014, reducing to 10% for income collected after 1 July 2014, regardless of when the income is paid to you.

If you join Copyright Agency directly you do not pay Viscopy’s commission on Copyright Agency statutory income.

If you join both Viscopy and Copyright Agency, there are the following deductions:

  • 25% of income collected from Viscopy’s Copyright licences in Australia and New Zealand and statutory license income collected by Screenrights
  • 10% of income collected by Viscopy’s international partners, which is only deducted if your art is reproduced internationally and income is collected overseas
  • Around 14% of income collected from ‘statutory’ licence fees by Copyright Agency

Please note, if you joined Copyright Agency l Viscopy after July 2, 2012 you are a member of both organisations.  If you joined before July 2, 2012 and would like to check your membership status please contact us on 1800 066 844.


  • Sign up here (Note: This link takes you to the Viscopy website where you can opt to sign up for Viscopy Membership, or Copyright Agency | Viscopy membership).
  • Terms and Conditions



Our other services include:

  • free national seminars
  • Monthly e-news (Creative Licence)
  • funding for writers’ projects and skills development through our Cultural Fund
  • advocacy for writers’ rights

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Artist Profile

Sally Rippin

I am fascinated by people: the relationships between them and what drives them to act the way they do. Creating art is my way of making sense of the world.

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