List of members

Copyright Agency has more than 30,000 members. You can download a list here.

Some members have joined solely to receive payments under statutory licence schemes managed by Copyright Agency for education institutions and governments. Most have authorised us to include their content in non-statutory licence schemes such as those for corporations and associations. This participation also covers communications by governments that are not covered by the statutory licence for governments managed by Copyright Agency.

The list indicates if the member participates in our non-statutory licence schemes, or statutory licences only.

Some members represent other rightsholders. These include other collecting societies and agents for writers, artists and publishers. The list downloadable here is of our ‘direct’ members, and does not include rightsholders represented by those members.

Viscopy members

Viscopy is a member of Copyright Agency, and works represented by Viscopy are included in Copyright Agency’s licences.

Copyright Agency also manages Viscopy’s image licences.

You can search for members of Viscopy here.

11 January 2017

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