Your payment spreadsheet

Each payment summary we send you is accompanied by a payment spreadsheet (remittance advice), which sets out information about aspects of each payment. 

Note Surveyors: You’ll have a slightly different spreadsheet, view your Payment Spreadsheet for Surveyors.

Some columns or cells in the spreadsheet may be blank, depending on the type of distribution, payment model and work, and what information we have in our database.

col item what it means Relevance to you
B Line number Copyright Agency internal reference Quote to Copyright Agency if making enquiry.
C Licence Fee Source (Allocation Run) The name of the allocation run, which indicates:

  • the financial year in which the allocation was run; and
  • the source or sources of licence fees, or the content type or rightsholder class (depending on the basis of the allocation).
For your information.
D Notified Payment Shares ‘Yes’ if Copyright Agency has payment share information for this work; otherwise ‘No.’ Unless we have payment share information and all shareholders are members you may be obliged to share this payment with others.
E Shareholder If ‘Yes’ in column D:

  • your name; or
  • name of person entitled to share of payment.
  • If your name, you do not need to share the payment
  • if someone else’s name, you need to pay them the amount in column W
F Share % If ‘Yes’ in column C, % of payment to shareholder in column D (this could be 100% if only one shareholder). For your information.
G ISSN_ISBN International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) or International Standard Book Number (ISBN) May help you check:

  • that you are entitled to receive payment; and
  • if you need to share the payment
H Publication Name Title of the publication or other source of the work (e.g. book title, journal title).
I Publication Type Type of publication or other source of the work (e.g. book, journal).
J Work Title/Description Title or description of work to which allocation was made.
K Publication Date If source publication is periodical, date it was published.
L Publisher/Imprint Name of publisher and/or imprint for source publication.
M Attributed Contributors Contributors listed on verso page of a book or otherwise attributed (e.g. as writers of a journal article), who may or may not own copyright.
N Creator of Work Attributed creator of work to which allocation was made.
O Use Type e.g. photocopy, scan, print, publish on server
P Work Type e.g. image or text
Q Work Subtype e.g. photograph, cartoon, article
R Gross Amount These terms have the same meanings as they do on the payment summary.
S WHT Ddeducted by Society
T Input Tax Credit (ITC)
U Operating Cost
V Claimed Amount (Ex Tax)
W RWHT Deducted by Copyright Agency
X PAYG Deducted
Y GST Added
Z Amount

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