Register works to the Royalty Claim

If your work has been published within other books, magazines, newspapers, journals or online, you may be eligible to receive a payment from the 2022 Royalty Claim.

These distributions are for artists and writers who own copyright in published works, but do not have arrangements with their publishers for a share of Copyright Agency payments.

If you did not receive a payment from the June 2021 distributions, you can tell us about your published works using your online member account.

Note: If you received a payment from the June 2021 Royalty Claim, you are likely to continue to receive a payment from the 2022 distributions.  You do not need to register your works again.


INSTRUCTIONS for existing members

  1. View our guide on how to register your works under our Help Centre
    How do I register my works with you?
  2. You can check what information we have already: see
    Where can I see my registered works?
  3. Still have other questions? Read our FAQs for the Royalty Claim on our Help Centre.

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To receive a payment from the Royalty Claim, you’ll need to register your works by Friday 21 January 2022.

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Lindy Lee [Photo © Nick Cubbin]

Artist Profile

Lindy Lee

What artists do is make the invisible undercurrents of human interaction visible and that’s an extremely important job. Copyright gives respect and recognition to the artist’s contribution to society and community.

Photo by Nick Cubbin

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