The year 2024 will mark Copyright Agency’s 50th anniversary, with the company’s history stemming back to 1974 when a small band of determined volunteers began campaigning for financial compensation and recognition for Australian creators.

Since then, we have represented members across the publishing, media, visual arts, education and surveying sectors, collecting licence fees for the reuse of text and images on their behalf which is then distributed as copyright royalty payments.

The past 50 years have seen Copyright Agency adapt and evolve in response to changes and advancements within the creative, education, government, and commercial sectors.

The 50 for 50 Member Project

Copyright Agency membership is free. Anyone with a copyright interest in a text work or image can apply for membership.  Our members include authors, journalists, publishers, visual artists, photographers, cartoonists, illustrators, and surveyors that contribute immeasurably to the Australian culture.

As we mark our 50th anniversary we want to dedicate an integral part of the celebrations to our members. The 50 for 50 Member Project presents 50 testimonials from 50 different creators across our membership base. Whether members have been with us for 50 years or 50 days, they all play a vital role in our identity and the creative culture they help shape.

We want to uplift and celebrate our members, as Copyright Agency is nothing without the people and organisations that it serves and represents.

From our members…

Throughout our anniversary year, we will be sharing messages from our members on their personal experiences with Copyright Agency and the value of their membership. The testimonials will be shared on our social channels and collated below.