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About our members

We have nearly 40,000 members. They include:

  • writers (such as education and academic writers, fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, playwrights and journalists)
  • visual artists (such as painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, cartoonists)
  • publishers (such as education, scholarly, media and trade publishers)
  • surveying firms
  • beneficiaries and agents (such as art centres for Indigenous artists)

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Members may receive payments from the copyright fees that we collect from the education, government and business sectors (including artwork licences), and from our overseas affiliates.

Our deductions from copyright fees

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We deduct our operating costs from the copyright fees that we collect. We also deduct up to 1.5% of the copyright fees for our Cultural Fund.

Membership terms

We ask members to agree to our Terms and Conditions when they apply for membership.

Licence participation

Once you are a member, you can review your licence participation at any time using your online account.

New member applicants based overseas

If you are interested in joining Copyright Agency, and based outside Australia, read our information sheet Information for prospective members based overseas.


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Alan Kohler

Featured • Writer Profile Series

The payment of fees for using copyright material is very well understood by the Australian community and is fair. It demonstrates respect for others’ property and expertise.

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