The Copyright Agency is digitising its business processes to make the use of copyright protected text easier than ever.

FLEX has been developed from a service widely used and praised in the UK higher education sector. Combining a central national online searchable content repository with a workflow management tool, it supports librarians in providing quality content to academics and lecturers quickly.

Developed in partnership with librarians

The FLEX service will be offered to facilitate the use of copyright protected content.*

The Copyright Agency is currently partnering with 4 private education providers to test the platform in the Australian market and adapt it to the local legislation framework. Librarian feedback will be used to enhance the functionality of the system before wider roll-out.

Key benefits


Early user feedback

Test groups particularly liked:

  • Feeling more confident in using copyright protected content
    They highlighted how the platform reduces the pressure with regards to copyright compliance and can help resolve internal disputes.
  • Having all content in only one central place
    They felt it helps them become more productive and avoids doubling up with academics.
  • The potential data analysis downstream
    The library perspective is that captured usage data will help inform collection management, as well as many other opportunities like driving student success.


Improve employee and student experience

FLEX is a web-based solution which can be used in any browser, and seamlessly integrates with any major library and learning management systems.**

Key functionalities
  • Access to shared scans and original publishers files of works on our central repository, complete with the ability to order high quality scans on demand
    Share scans with other institutions and use a scanning on-demand service that offers OCR (Optical Character Recognition) quality scans of any of the 80m+ works from the British Library with a 48-hour turnaround. Implementation of a similar option is being discussed with Australian libraries too.
  • Automated copyright compliance management
    The platform automatically performs compliance checks, as well as reporting and analytics.
  • Academic reading lists
    A tool for academics to compile their reading list material in a way that interfaces automatically with the library. FLEX also integrates with other popular third-party reading list applications.**
  • Visual accessibility content
    One place to order accessible content for visually impaired students from multiple publishers.**


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* FLEX is not a requirement of the Statutory Education Licence
** under development