FLEX testimonials

FLEX is already helping many educational organisations all around Australia to deliver course reading materials more efficiently. Here is what FLEX users are saying:

FLEX has made various topics and their readings easily available to students. It is user friendly to students and teachers alike and gives great scope for flexibility in a subject that is constantly changing.

Pernille Day,
Teacher of Media Studies and Communication, Taylors College

FLEX has been a valuable platform and tool for Taylors College.

We use FLEX to implement weekly course readings and create resource lists for our students to prepare for their assessments.

FLEX is easy to embed into any online course and has improved the online teaching and learning experience for both teacher and students.

Tara Brouwer,
Senior Assistant Head of Department, Business and Liberal Arts, Taylors College

The FLEX platform is clear and easy to use. The FLEX links are generated quickly and can easily be inserted into Moodle. Teaching staff responded positively to FLEX. Unit Coordinators expressed relief to know that they are compliant in terms of copyright law and were curious about additional resources they may be able to access through FLEX. They gladly and quickly did the work of substituting FLEX hyperlinks in Moodle. TEQSA is increasingly emphasising scholarship in pathway colleges such as Edith Cowan College, and FLEX provided me with an overview of the academic journal articles and books our students are being asked to read. FLEX helped me to identify units where resources need to be more academic and/or contemporary.

Julie Robertson, Quality and Compliance Manager,
Edith Cowan College Australia (part of the Navitas Group)

Well done to the Copyright Agency for this fantastic initiative. We love FLEX as it ensures that we don’t breach copyright, it creates a weblink for each reading and it adds a copyright cover page – quick and easy. It is super easy to use (most of our staff required very little training) and has replaced our tedious manual processes. Staff and students were quick to embrace the change to FLEX and the staff in particular have appreciated the change. The Copyright Agency staff have been brilliant to work with answering questions and responding promptly to emails. We never want to go back.

Amy Emanuel, Director of Online Learning,
Christian Heritage College

FLEX is a useful tool as it provides a central platform for storing reading materials online and is handy for sharing links with teachers and uploading on the LMS. The main benefit is that it provides peace of mind knowing that we are being copyright compliant as each reading resource uploaded is given a percentage “used” so we have an indication of how much of the book can be used legally. The e-reader used by FLEX gives the resources a professional look and makes them really easy to navigate and add to Moodle. Students are able to easily access resources by clicking on a link provided. Additionally, reports on usage can be generated, showing the number of students who have opened a link and how long the resource has been accessed for, providing more insight on students’ use of materials.

Linda Butler, ELICOS Teacher,
La Trobe College Australia (part of the Navitas Group)

We like the idea of having a platform to help us ensure that all uses of copyright material are compliant. We are also excited about having access to digital original files from major publishers and being able to prepare course reading material more simply and efficiently.

Dr Michelle Cavaleri, Director of Academic Enhancement,
Asia Pacific International College

FLEX provides a robust system for managing copyright compliance; compiling course material without reinventing the wheel; and has the added benefit of a central repository for storing and accessing content. FLEX has made our jobs easier so we can spend more time on adding value.

Ian Drummond, National Library Manager,
Australian College of Applied Psychology

FLEX helped us with the move to online learning. We were able to fill the gaps in content by using various chapters from a variety of books, especially in subjects which relied on textbooks not available as eBooks.

Jane Wholohan, Library Services Manager,
International College of Management Sydney

The teachers who’ve been using FLEX have come back saying “This is fantastic! I’m going to use it for everything!”

Jeff Jones, Library Manager,
Taylor’s College, Sydney

FLEX provides peace of mind that we’re adhering to the allowable limits when providing links to content for our students studying remotely.

Kerrie Stevens, Director of Library Services,
Alphacrucis College

I have been using the FLEX platform since the beginning of our current academic term, where I have integrated it into two post-graduate and one undergraduate units. Student feedback indicates that they are finding the system beneficial. From my perspective, I have found it beneficial given the ability to centralise relevant reference content in the one easily accessed and readily updated repository, thereby improving my own efficiency during regular updating of unit content and structure.

David Rosenbaum, Associate Professor in Management,
Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)