Grants for Organisations

Opens Closes Notified
Round One closed closed 13 May 2019 Mid-July 2019
Round Two closed closed 30 September 2019 December 2019

The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund offers grants to organisations for projects that deliver exceptional opportunities for Australian authors, journalists, artists and key industry stakeholders in the writing, publishing, education, and visual arts sectors.

With these grants, our aim is to support our members and key industry stakeholders to create, award, present, publish, and offer significant development and career sustaining opportunities for writers and visual artists.

The Cultural Fund encourages potential applicants to create opportunities for writers and artists at all career stages.

Our priority is to support projects that will provide sustained support to writers and artists and to encourage greater audiences for their work.

We also offer grants to leading writing organisations to help build literacy skills for children and young adults, and various partnerships with key industry organisations to raise the profile of writing and writers.

For visual arts organisations, our priority is to support opportunities for Australian artists to create new work or raise the profile of the artist.

In most cases, the Cultural Fund’s grants for organisations are for a single project for up to a year; however, in some instances funding for three years may be approved. Please contact the Cultural Fund to discuss a potential proposal before submitting and application.

Grants for Round two will support projects that start after 1 January 2020.

Visit our activities supported page for a full list of what the Cultural Fund will and won’t support.

Who can apply

  • Legally constituted organisations and incorporated associations may apply.
  • Individuals or sole traders are not eligible to apply for these grants. Please see our Grants for Individuals.
  • Applicants may only submit one application per round to the Cultural Fund.
  • Applicants must have acquitted any overdue Cultural Fund grants to be eligible to apply for further funding.

How to apply

  • You must apply via the SmartyGrants online grants platform.
  • Applications must be submitted by the closing date via the SmartyGrants online system.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Your application

All applicants must provide a clear outline of their intended project. Your application must include a project description, an itemised budget, and relevant support material.

Support Material

You may submit up to two files of support material with your application as a PDF via the online SmartyGrants system. Support material may include:

  • Information on your organisation and key staff.
  • A draft program of proposed activities.
  • Letters of support.
  • Biographical information on participating writers and visual artists.



Successful applicants must submit an online acquittal report on their funded activities within eight weeks of the completion of the project. This report should include a description of the funded activities and detail the success or otherwise of the activity.

Applicants who have not acquitted any outstanding completed grants cannot apply until they have successfully acquitted their previous grant.

More information and contact

For further information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

To contact the Cultural Fund, call 02 9394 7623 or email

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