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The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund offers grants to leading organisations for projects that deliver exceptional opportunities for Australian writers, journalists, editors, visual artists, teachers, and key industry stakeholders in the writing, publishing, education and visual arts sectors.

Our priority is to ensure that writers and visual artists are better supported and are paid appropriately for their creative endeavours.

Projects supported include:

  • Skills development and professional development opportunities for writers and visual artists and people working in publishing
  • Writers’ fees for significant new publications by Australian book publishers
  • Writers’ fees for Australian literary magazines and journals
  • Artists’ fees for new commissions presented by art galleries
  • Mentorships, residencies, internships for writers, visual artists and publishers
  • Writers’ and visual artists’ fees for industry-led conferences
  • Writers’ and visual artists’ fees for projects with educational and cultural institutions
  • Partnerships with major national writers’ festivals (by invitation only)
  • Awards and prizes for writers and visual artists
  • Professional development programs run by writing, publishing and visual arts industry associations
  • Commissioning fees for playwrights for work presented by Theatre companies
  • Literary and literacy-building activities
  • Indigenous-led organisations to deliver projects to benefit Indigenous writers and visual artists
  • Opportunities to upskill teachers in Australian literature
  • Projects to enhance our literary resources hub for teachers, the Copyright Agency’s Reading Australia

The Cultural Fund will not support the following projects:

  • Projects which do not benefit writers or visual artists or the publishing/visual arts sectors
  • Projects where writers or visual artists are not paid a fee
  • Community-run writing programs
  • University-based artist-in-residency programs which do not connect with audiences outside the university
  • Translations into other languages for overseas audiences
  • Projects which do not connect with, or reach significant audiences
  • Writers to self-publish their work
  • Art galleries to publish art books
  • Film script development, film festivals, and projects aimed at the film industry (see Screen Australia)
  • Research for purely academic audiences
  • Training and professional development for academics
  • Projects aimed at performing arts, music or dance audiences
  • Publishing, production and exhibition costs.
  • Website development or maintenance costs
  • Development of apps
  • Digitisation of back issues, previously published work, or catalogues of works
  • Business or overhead costs
  • Staff costs and payments to freelance editors, proofreaders, and researchers
  • Capital works
  • General administrative costs
  • Catering costs
  • Book launches or exhibition openings
  • Publishers/galleries to market books
  • Production costs for theatre, film and other performances
  • Projects which are primarily for the education market
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For further information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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