We receive copyright fees from a range of sources that we distribute to members at different times of the year.

A large proportion of the copyright fees are from the education sector (schools, universities, TAFEs and other education providers). We also receive copyright fees from the government sector, businesses, not-for-profit organisations, and overseas copyright management organisations.

You can see our upcoming distributions here, and information about different distributions here.

Our deductions from copyright fees before distribution

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We deduct our operating costs from the copyright fees that we collect. We also deduct up to 1.5% of the copyright fees for our Cultural Fund.

Who receives payments?

We mainly make payments to writers (including journalists), visual artists (including illustrators, photographers, cartoonists, painters and sculptors), publishers and surveying firms. We also make payments to agents (of writers, artists and publishers) to pass on to their clients, and to beneficiaries of writers and artists.

We publish information about categories of distribution recipients in our annual reports.

See also Who receives copyright fees paid by the school sector.


See the FAQs in our Help Centre including for:

November 2023

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