Annual reports

Copyright Agency’s annual reports are provided to the Minister and tabled in Parliament, in accordance with obligations under the Copyright Act and the Resale Royalty for Visual Artists Act.

Copyright Agency has also produced annual reviews with highlights from the year.

Viscopy’s annual reports and annual reviews are published on the Viscopy website.

Click the links below to view past Copyright Agency annual reports and reviews.

2016-17 Annual report 2016-2017
2015-16 Annual report 2015-16

Directors’ Report and Financials

2014-15 Annual report 2014–15

Annual Review 2014-15

Directors’ Report & Financials

2013-14 Annual report 2013–14

Directors’ Report & Financials

2013-14 Annual Review Magazine


2012-13 Annual report 2012–13

Directors’ Report & Financials

2012-13 Annual Review Magazine

2011-12 Annual report 2011–12

Directors’ Report and Financials

2011-12 Annual Review Magazine

2010-11 Annual Report 2010–11


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