Melinda Harper

Visual Art Licences

If you are looking to use an image of an artwork in your next book, advertisement, film or merchandise, then you’ll need to request a image licence to allow the use of the artwork and you may need to pay a fee.

Viscopy, now merged with the Copyright Agency, represents over 10,000 Australian and New Zealand artists and over 40,000 international artists through our international partners.

At Copyright Agency we can help manage the end-to-end visual arts licensing process for you.

We will:

  • guide you through the steps involved,
  • handle artists’ approvals,
  • provide quotes on fees, and
  • suggest the right licence to meet your needs.

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Artist Profile

Criss Canning

Visual Arts

Artists in general go through many tough and challenging years, refining and developing their art, making it their own. It should not be treated as 'easy prey' for others to profit from. It should be respected.

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