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Whether it’s a book, magazine, or billboard — the cost of your licence will depend on how you intend to use the work.

We operate standard licensing rates. Some fees are subject to negotiation with the artists and we will advise when this is the case. Not for profit rates may apply for galleries, academics and educational institutions.

A guide to some of our rates is included below. Contact us for a precise quote for your project.

Our charges

As a non-profit organisation, Copyright Agency retains an administration fee to cover the costs of providing our services. 82.5% of the pay-per-use copyright fees that we collect in Australia and New Zealand is paid to artists. The administration fee we retain includes a 1.5% contribution to the Cultural Fund, which provides grants to creative individuals and arts organisations.

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Billboards / Banners / Public Transport Advertising

Rates vary depending on size and number of sites and their duration.

For Billboards, fees start at:

  • for 1 – 10 sites, 2 weeks duration $1,140 + GST

For Banners and Street Flags, fees start at:

  • Up to 6m², 3 month duration $1270 + GST

Rates are calculated on the following factors:

  • Publication format – print edition, eBook or both
  • Print run
  • Cover or interior use (cover reproductions need approval by the artist/copyright holder)
  • Size of interior page reproductions
  • Print licenses cover Australia & NZ  publications, additional territory loadings may apply for world rights
  • Monographic publication

Fees start at:

  • $100 + GST for an interior thumbnail reproduction in a book with a print run up to 2,000 copies, and
  • $750 + GST for cover use. Rates increase for higher print runs.

Some discounts apply, including for educational text books and using multiple artworks (more than 5 images in one publication).

Brochures / Gallery Guides / Reports / Catalogues / Flyers

Rates may vary, depending on:

  • How you use it – whether the brochure is for advertising or editorial purposes
  • Cover or interior use
  • The size of the reproduction

As an example:

  • Editorial use (e.g. annual reports, gallery activities guide, exhibition brochures) – $200 + GST per image for a 1/2 page reproduction, with a print run up to 1,000 copies.
  • Advertising uses (e.g. catalogues, prospectuses, leaflets) – $400 + GST per work for a 1/2 page reproduction, with a print run up to 1,000 copies.
Company Branding / Commercial Marketing Campaigns

Consultation with the artist in question will be necessary, as our fees are based on the way in which an artwork is being used and the commercial nature of the project.

Film / TV / Digital Broadcast

Rates may vary, depending on:

  • Format (TV, film, digital, online streaming etc)
  • Broadcast territory (local/limited release, Australia/New Zealand or world-wide)
  • Featured or non-featured footage
  • Duration of licence

Permission and prices are by negotiation with Copyright Agency, as approved by the copyright holder.

Fees for an artwork reproduction start at:

  • $200 + GST for an Australian documentary
  • Commercial and advertising rates are higher.
Internet / Social Media / Apps

Rates may vary, depending on:

  • How long the work will be online (works are generally licensed on an annual basis)
  • How the work is used, e.g. banner image, home page or listing
  • How many member artworks you will be reproducing. Discounts apply for bulk quantity uses of artworks by Copyright Agency members.

Permission and prices are by negotiation. The copyright holder needs to approve all requests. PDF mock-ups (and sometimes Printer’s proofs and product samples) need be provided to us for rights holder approval.

Most merchandise is licensed in the range of 10%-30% of wholesale price or 10% – 20% of retail price. An appropriate royalty fee cannot be struck without all the information.

An estimated price will be quoted on application and confirmed once the artist(s) in question agree to the use.

Pricing Notes
  • All rates are in Australian dollars. New Zealand customers, click here for a currency converter.
  • Rates are per work, per reproduction.
  • These rates are valid at April 2018 and subject to change.
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