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Anyone who owns or controls rights in published works or imagery that’s likely to be copied or shared should join the Copyright Agency.

Applications for membership are approved by Copyright Agency’s board.

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Our members are made up of:

As Australia’s collecting society for all written works, imagery and survey plans, the Copyright Agency is an important link between creators and users of content. We collect and pay royalties to creators and we advocate for their rights. We make it easy for consumers to use, share and reproduce content, avoiding the difficulties and expense of locating copyright owners, negotiating fees and accounting to complex and varied contracts.

Rightsholders are required to become a member before we can distribute payments to them. Membership is free and no renewal is necessary.

Membership options

All Copyright Agency members are entitled to receive payments from the statutory licence schemes that Copyright Agency manages. These apply to the education and government sectors.

Copyright Agency members can choose to:

  1. authorise Copyright Agency to include their content in non-statutory licence schemes (such as those for corporations); or
  2. join solely to receive payments from the statutory licence schemes.

If you didn’t elect to participate in our non-statutory licence schemes when you joined, and you’d like to do so now,  please log on to your member account or contact Copyright Agency’s Member Services team by emailing

In some cases, we confirm licence arrangements with members before proceeding. For example:


Our core services for members are:

We also advocate for the rights of our members, and keep them informed about copyright and industry developments.

We do this by:

  • providing educational information, including running free seminars
  • sending out a monthly members-only e-news with tools, resources, and latest news updates
  • offering funding for creative projects and skills development through our Cultural Fund and Career Fund
  • offering member support services

New member applicants based overseas

If you are interested in joining Copyright Agency, and based outside Australia, read our information sheet Information for prospective members based overseas

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