Licence participation

Members can choose to include their content in non-statutory Copyright Agency Licence Schemes, and be eligible to receive payments from those licences, as well as being eligible to receive payments from the statutory licence schemes for education and governments.

Our membership application process invites applicants to participate in Copyright Agency Licence Schemes, as well as receiving payments from statutory licences.

Members who choose not to participate in Copyright Agency Licence Schemes are eligible to receive payments for copying and sharing in the education sector, and copying by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments.

Copyright Agency Licence Schemes

Members who choose to participate in Copyright Agency Licence Schemes are also eligible to receive payments from these schemes. Currently they are:

Licence type Description Licensees
Blanket licences: annual licences for businesses Annual licence for staff of licensed organisation to copy and share all content represented by Copyright Agency.

Licence is primarily for copying and sharing within the licensed organisation.

Limited licence to share or supply to people outside the business (e.g. to regulatory authorities, external advisers and in connection with a patent application).

Some external communication and supply of Australian newspaper content allowed (on a website, in social media, to a client, and in submissions, annual reports and meeting agendas).


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Banking and finance
  • Property
  • Law firms
  • Local governments
  • Not-for-profit bodies
Blanket licences: media monitoring Allows media monitoring companies to copy and share newspaper content to their clients
Blanket licences: government communications Allows us to collect on your behalf payments from governments for communications of content.
Pay-per-use Allows use of a particular work or works (text and/or images), usually for publication and/or external communication, including licences sold via RightsPortal. Include:

  • publishers
  • auction houses (for catalogues)
  • merchandise producers
  • other businesses
  • individuals
Full text subscriber databases Allows inclusion of journal articles in full text databases available to subscribers.
Document delivery Allows document delivery service to supply requested journal articles to clients
International Allows licensees of affiliated copyright management organisations in other countries to use your content, and us to collect payments. Includes licensees of:

Images in TV programs Allows us to collect on your behalf royalties for images from the statutory licence fees collected by Screenrights for recording and sharing of television programs.

Confirmation of licence participation

In some cases, we confirm licence arrangements with members before proceeding. For example:

  • some pay-per-use licences
  • full text subscriber databases

How to review and change your licence participation

You can see your current licence participation by logging on to your online member account and you can update your licence participation in schemes online.

Read Understanding our Licence Schemes from our Help Centre.

If you prefer to opt-out of our statutory licence scheme, please contact us.

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