International Affiliates

The Copyright Agency has reciprocal agreements with a large number of reproduction rights organisations in other countries.

Through these agreements, Copyright Agency members are represented in some countries by foreign reproduction rights organisations in the same way as those societies represent the interests of their own members.

Currently, the Copyright Agency has agreements to transfer funds with the following international collection societies:

Access Copyright Canada
Authors Licensing & Collecting Society Limited UK
Bonus Presskopia Sweden
CADRA Argentina
Copyright Clearance Center USA
Copyright Licensing Agency UK
Copyright Licensing and Administration Society of Singapore Limited Singapore
Copyright Licensing New Zealand New Zealand
CFC France
Copibec Quebec
Copy-Dan Writing Denmark
DALRO South Africa
Irish Copyright Licensing Agency Ireland
JACC Japan
Kopinor Norway
Kopiosto Finland
Luxorr Luxembourg
Newspaper Licensing Agency UK
OSDEL Greece
ProLitteris Switzerland
Reprobel Belgium
SIAE Italy
Stichting Reprorecht Netherlands

Copyright Agency also has rights transfer agreements with the following:

BCOPY Barbados
Fjolis Iceland
Jamcopy Jamaica
LITA Lithuania
TTRO Trinidad and Tobago
VGWort Germany


Viscopy similarly has agreements with Visual Arts partners around the world. See Viscopy’s Affiliates here.


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