Our people

The Copyright Agency’s senior management team guides around 70 permanent staff.

Copyright Agency’s organisational structure comprises:

  • Members and External Affairs
  • Cultural Fund and Reading Australia
  • Education and Government Licensing
  • Commercial Licensing
  • Visual Arts
  • New Products and Innovation
  • Legal and Policy
  • Data and Rights
  • Business Reporting
  • Strategic Operations
  • Finance

The senior staff are:

Josephine Johnston CEO
Jeremy Jacobs Chief Operating Officer
Guy Johnson Director Commercial Licensing
Malcolm Bell Director Education and Government
Kate Pasterfield Director Members & External Affairs
Richard Hinchliffe Director New Product & Innovation
Libby Baulch Policy Director
Melissa Willan (Acting) General Counsel


See also Board of Directors.

Our Corporate Governance Statement defines and specifies the role of Board directors, the Board as a whole, the Chief Executive Officer, and other company officers and senior executives in relation to the Board and Copyright Agency members.


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