Our people

The Copyright Agency’s senior management team guides around 90 permanent staff who work across legal, surveys and monitoring, data processing and analytics, commercial and educational licensing, funding and membership and communications services.

Copyright Agency’s organisational structure comprises seven divisions:

  • Business services (including licences for the education and government sectors, visual arts licensing, surveys and monitoring, and international relations)
  • Commercial services (including licences for the corporate and not-for-profit sectors and digital press clippings)
  • LearningField
  • Operations (including distributions, information technology and finance)
  • Policy
  • Legal
  • Corporate Affairs

The Senior staff are:

Adam Suckling CEO
Jeremy Jacobs Chief Operating Officer
Guy Johnson Director Commercial Licensing
Malcolm Bell Director Education and Government
Kate Pasterfield Director Corporate Affairs
Libby Baulch Policy Director
Josephine Johnston General Counsel


See also Board of Directors.

Our Corporate Governance Statement defines and specifies the role of Board directors, the Board as a whole, the Chief Executive Officer, and other company officers and senior executives in relation to the Board and Copyright Agency members.

8 July 2016