Distribution Schedule

Below are distributions scheduled to December 2019. Some distributions are from a single licensee type. Others combine licence fees from multiple licensee types.

The data available for distribution varies. In some cases there are comprehensive records of usage under the licence. In others, there are surveys of usage in a sample of licensees: see here. In other cases again we use data indicating content available for use under the licence.

October TO DeCEMBER 2019

Distribution Allocation run: ‘remittance advice’ column C Distribution
amount (est)
Payments Start More
Artwork Licences 2019/20 Artwork Licences: Statutory Screenrights (FY2019) $632,000 Oct 2019
Overseas Collecting Societies International affiliates $176,000 Nov 2019
Digital Press Clippings Media Monitoring Organisation (MMO) licences $3.9m Nov 2019
Surveyors: NSW 2019/20 Surveyors: NSW (2018.Q4) $67,000 Nov 2019
Surveyors: QLD 2019/20 Surveyors: QLD (2019.Q1) $72,000 Nov 2019
Surveyors: SA 2019/20 Surveyors: SA (2019.Q1) $10,000 Nov 2019
Surveyors: VIC 2019/20 Surveyors: VIC (2018.Q4) $25,000 Nov 2019
Surveyors: WA 2019/20 Surveyors: WA (FY2018) $141,000 Nov 2019
Artwork Licences 2019/20 Artwork Licences: Voluntary Domestic (FY2020.Q1) (Aug-Oct)

2019/20 Artwork Licences: Voluntary Overseas (FY2020.Q1) (Aug-Oct)

2019/20 Artwork Licences: Overseas – Non Title Specific (NTS)

$232,000 Nov 2019
Universities 2019/20 Universities A (2019.H2) $6.8m Nov 2019

For previous distributions, see Previous Distribution Schedules. For previous years, please contact Member Services by email memberservices@copyright.com.au