Learningfield is world-first Australian innovation that delivers curriculum linked, digital textbooks and interactive learning products direct to students’ and teachers’ devices. For an annual subscription fee, Year 7–12 students have access to our extensive online catalogue of educational textbooks from Australia’s leading publishers.

LearningField has partnered with Australia’s leading educational publishers to provide schools with a huge catalogue of choice. Teachers can direct their students to read chapters or whole textbooks across our range of publishers and even across year levels. Chapters are read in the LearningField eReader apps – LearningField has native eReader applications for iPad, Mac, PC and Android devices.

LearningField has developed a new insight reporting tool for teachers. This reporting tool provides real-time usage data on student interactions with LearningField.

LearningField is brought to you by the Copyright Agency, a not-for-profit rights management organisation for publishers, writers and artists.

To find out more and to organise a demo, go to the Learningfield website.

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