Following a detailed strategic review, Copyright Agency has made the decision to withdraw the LearningField service from the market at the end of the calendar year 2019.

LearningField has offered a great service to schools, publishers and authors over the last six years, and successfully grew to reach over 60 schools and 30,000 students.

However, the Copyright Agency has come to the view that the investment required to further grow the business, and risks associated with this investment, outweigh the benefits to the organisation’s members, in what is an increasingly competitive market.

Copyright Agency’s LearningField team will continue to work closely with schools, publishers and other stakeholders to ensure that closure of the business has a minimal impact on them and that schools are able to transition to an alternative supplier as smoothly as possible.

For inquiries about LearningField, please contact Wendy Kennedy on 0429 591 780 or email wkennedy@copyright.com.au.

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