The freedom to use published content


Blackmores was founded in the 1930s by pioneering naturopath Maurice Blackmore. It is an iconic brand in the Australian natural healthcare sector, marketing an extensive range of vitamin and dietary supplements. Blackmores reaches consumers in 16 countries and employs more than 600 staff across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Blackmores operates in a highly regulated and competitive environment, where the importance of access to information cannot be overestimated.

“We use published content on a daily basis – it is essential to both internal and external service delivery,” says Narelle McGinty, Regulatory and Medical Associate at Blackmores.

“The company continually reviews its corporate governance and compliance programs to ensure there is an understanding of the regulatory environment, and that appropriate processes and procedures are adopted to maintain compliance – which includes copyright.”


Blackmores has taken out a copyright licence with Copyright Agency, who also ran an internal information and training session for Blackmores staff. According to Narelle, “the licence gives us the freedom to use published content throughout our business, and ensures employees have the resources to assist retail partners to gain a better understanding of our products.”

“We can also use key journal articles in staff, retailer and healthcare professional training, and email journal articles to healthcare professionals on request. Plus, we can email our staff media and technical articles relating to our products.”


The licence enables Blackmores to respond efficiently to external requests for information. “We have healthcare professionals contacting us all the time requesting papers, and now we can simply email them information – and be confident that we’re copyright compliant,” says Narelle.

The copyright licence is a simple and easy mechanism to facilitate the sharing of published content at Blackmores, resulting in plenty of advantages for the business, staff and stakeholders. “In summary, the licence empowers us to distribute more information and educational materials to our staff and customers,” Narelle says.

We use published content on a daily basis – it is essential to both internal and external service delivery. The licence gives us peace of mind that we are copyright compliant across our business.

Narelle McGinty,
Regulatory and Medical Associate