Embracing compliance in an ideas-driven economy


Recognition PR and Write Away Communication + Events are Sydney-based public relations firms. Recognition PR caters to the IT industry and professional services firms, while Write Away focuses on the industrial and trade sectors. The two firms have been operating for 30 years and employ a number of staff across the spectrum of the creative sector – designers, content writers, web developers, public relations consultants,
and everything in between.


In the past copyright licences weren’t designed for the PR industry, and firms often fell between the cracks. Adam Benson, Director of Recognition PR and Write Away Communication +
Events, explains that the desire to be compliant was at odds with practicality.

“Historically, there had been issues around whether copyright licences actually applied to our kinds of industries,” he says. “They weren’t built to be used very easily. Most consultancies just didn’t have licences or, if they did, they were quite hard to apply.”


Media coverage is essential for reports, campaigns and pitches, and helps PR firms better understand and influence clients, marketplaces and sectors.

“The Copyright Agency consulted with all the different sectors, ours included, and started to build products that made sense for how we would typically use,
store and disseminate copyright material,” Mr Benson says. “Suddenly the barriers to actually doing it properly, in a way that made business sense, all disappeared.”


A Copyright Agency licence makes sense for best practice and legal compliance. “It gives you the ability to comply with your legal obligations,”
says Mr Benson, “which for us means we are running a professional and proper organisation.”

More than this, however, holding a licence comes down to integrity. “We are in an economy and an industry where ideas are our currency,”
Mr Benson says. “It’s very hard for us to have a social licence to operate if we don’t respect other people’s content and other people’s ideas.
It is the currency of the future.”

Those of us that live in ideas-driven parts of the economy know it’s important. It’s something you can’t outsource to another country. Innovation, IP – no doubt it’s going to drive our entire economy forward in significant ways, and a copyright licence is part of that.

Adam Benson,
Director Recognition PR, Write Away Communication + Events