Copyright Licence for Businesses

In businesses – where exchanging the latest information about your industry is critical – it’s easy to breach copyright laws by inadvertently copying and sharing content without permission

Most literary works are covered by copyright. If your employees copy and share text, tables, graphs or images that were created by others, they’ll usually need permission from the copyright owner to do so. This includes content such as:

  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Journal articles, books and industry updates
  • Research data, competitive analysis, survey plansand maps.

Our Copyright Licence for Businesses gives your employees the freedom to legally copy and share third party literary content. As we pay royalties to the creators whose works you reuse, you’ll foster the creation of new content which will benefit your organisation in the future.


Copy and share global content

Our Copyright Licence for Businesses gives your employees the right to copy and share hard copy and digital content*, including:

  • Key industry news, journals and books from publishers such as Elsevier, Harvard Business Review, and Bloomberg
  • Newspapers and magazines from around the world such as The Australian Financial Review, Financial Times and The Guardian
  • Plus graphs, tables, research papers, market research data, competitive analysis and more.*

Key benefits to your business

  • Time efficiency

    Enjoy a fast and unencumbered flow of information and focus on your core activity

  • Ease of use

    No need to negotiate licence fees with individual copyright owners

  • Peace of mind

    Real compliance to protect your reputation and avoid potential litigation expenses

  • Collaboration

    Share material internally, email articles to clients, and publish news content on your website or social media

  • Value

    A tailored fee based on the number of employees and the specific rights your organisation needs

“Our licence really assists with the workflow, because we are assured that we simply can proceed with sharing information freely, at the same time knowing we are doing the right thing by the creators of the articles or other material.”

Sue Godwin,
Knowledge Services Coordinator,Research, Library & Information Services,

“We use published content on a daily basis – it is essential to both internal and external service delivery. The licence gives us peace of mind that we are copyright compliant across our business.”

Narelle McGinty,
Medical Information Associate,

“The licence is an asset the company could not function effectively without. We understand the investment that goes into producing quality products and we want to ensure we pay fairly for the high-quality information that we rely on, on a day to day basis. We are proud to our commitment to copyright compliance.”

Shayna Welsh,
Head of Corporate Communications,
Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited

Establish Good Copyright Governance

A Copyright Licence is a simple solution to ensure your organisation is practising Good Copyright Governance. It enables staff members to communicate content-rich material in real time while being confident that no one’s copyright is being infringed. All Copyright Agency licensees can promote their organisation as a supporter of Australian creators by incorporating the Good Copyright Governance tick across their promotional channels.