Copyright Licence for Life Science Industries

In the life science industries – where sharing scientific literature with colleagues, partners, regulators and advisors is critical – it’s easy to breach copyright laws by inadvertently copying and sharing content without permission.

Research conducted by independent market research agency FiftyFive5* shows that:

  • 2 out of 3 white collar workers access published content in their role which is often downloaded, copied and shared,
    57% of employees believe their organisation should do more to be copyright compliant, and
  • 505 million potential copyright infringements happen each year in Australian businesses.

Most literary works are covered by copyright. If your employees copy and share text, tables, graphs or images that were created by others, they’ll usually need permission from the copyright owner to do so. This includes content from:

  • Journals
  • Research databases and clinical papers
  • Newspapers and magazines.

Our Annual Licences provide rights to undertake common internal, regulatory and medical information activities involving copies of literature. As we pay royalties to the creators whose works you reuse, you’ll foster the creation of new content which will benefit your organisation in the future.

Copy and share global content

Specifically tailored to your industry, our Licence gives you the right to copy and share hard copy and digital content*, including:

  • Key life science journals from publishers such as Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell and Wolters Kluwer
  • Newspapers and magazines from around the world
  • Plus clinical and research papers, graphs, tables, market research data, competitive analysis and more.*

Key benefits to your business

  • Speed and efficiency

    Covers most common workflow activities*

  • Ease of use

    One licence covers copyright material from millions of sources

  • Peace of mind

    Mitigates your risk profile, promotes a compliant culture

  • Knowledge building

    Copies of works can be housed in information repositories and libraries

  • Learning and innovation

    Create a culture that allows employees to share material freely

Establish a world-best business practice

Your licence:

  • Covers your entire organisation for internal use, providing copies to regulatory bodies or advisers and emailing articles to healthcare professionals on request. The Licence also includes limited external rights for Australian newspaper and magazines, and more.
  • Saves you from having to negotiate licence fees with individual copyright owners. A single, cost-effective annual licence allows your employees to copy and share content from millions of sources.
  • Allows reuse of Australian content. Not all international parent company licences cover Australian content.
  • Provides real compliance. Relying on fair dealing and library exceptions leaves considerable copyright compliance gaps and gives a false sense of compliance.
  • Reduces your risk of being brought into copyright dispute. Protect your reputation and avoid potential litigation expenses.

“We believe good science is vital to support the validity and efficacy of natural medicines. Doing good research requires that we have access to scientific information and that we can share this freely within the business. Being compliant with copyright legislation simply makes sense.”

Integria Healthcare

Getting your licence is easy

Copyright Agency offers a bespoke licensing solution for life science industries. Contact our team on 1800 066 844 or by email to learn more about our licensing solution and obtain a customised quote.

Copyright Governance Guide

Download our guide to learn more about copyright governance in the life science industries.

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Life Science Industries Copyright Licence Guide

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* This page is a guide only. Refer to the licence agreement for full terms and conditions.