Copyright Licence for News and Magazines

In an ever-changing business landscape, being able to copy and share newspaper and magazine articles is vital to staying informed – and ad-hoc content needs can arise.

Newspaper and magazine articles are copyright-protected.If your employees want to reuse a full article, part of an article or specific content such as figures, tables or graphs, they will need permission from the copyright owner to do so.

And when an article doesn’t fall under your newspaper subscriptions or existing copyright licensing arrangements, specific rights have to be cleared.

Content rights you need, when you need them

The Copyright Agency’s RightsPortal News and Magazines online licensing platform makes it simple for you to reuse the specific pieces of content you need, when you need them. It provides Pay-Per-Use rights for the text from more than 700 Australian news and magazines titles.

A News and Magazines Pay-Per-Use Copyright Licence enables you to use newspaper and magazine content in a range of ways including:

  • Posting newspaper and magazine articles to websites
  • Reproducing newspaper and magazine content within books
  • Photocopying newspaper articles
  • Using newspaper content in television and documentaries.
  • As we pay royalties to the creators whose works you reuse, you’ll foster the creation of new content which will benefit your organisation in the future.

Copy and Share Australian Content

Developed in conjunction with Australian newspaper and magazine publishers, RightsPortal News and Magazines allows you to purchase Pay-Per-Use licences to copy and share Australian newspaper and magazine content:

  • Obtain rights to reuse text content from the archives of Australian newspaper and magazines,
    including The Sydney Morning Herald,
    The Herald Sun, The Australian Woman’s Weekly and The Australian Financial Review
  • Clear articles from today’s online mastheads
    – RightsPortal licensing is integrated across major Australian news media websites
  • Licence hardcopy and electronic rights in one transaction.

Key benefits to your business

  • Speed and efficiency

    Secure the rights to use newspaper and magazine articles instantly*

  • Ease of use

    Access our user friendly online portal anytime, anywhere

  • Peace of mind

    Allow your company to share newspaper and magazine content externally with permission of the publisher*

  • Value

    Obtain more use from valuable journal content obtained via subscriptions and media monitoring

  • Australian based

    Get assistance from our local support desk

“Our licence really assists with the workflow, because we are assured that we simply can proceed with sharing information freely, at the same time knowing we are doing the right thing by the creators of the articles or other material.”Sue Godwin,
Knowledge Services Coordinator,
Research, Library & Information Services

“We use published content on a daily basis – it is essential to both internal and external service delivery. The licence gives us peace of mind that we are copyright compliant across our business.”Narelle McGinty,
Medical Information Associate

“The licence is an asset the company could not function effectively without. We understand the investment that goes into producing quality products and we want to ensure we pay fairly for the high-quality information that we rely on, on a day to day basis.
We are proud to our commitment to copyright compliance.”
Shayna Welsh, 
Head of Corporate Communications
Mitsubishi Motors Australia

Establish a world-best business practice

A News and Magazine Pay-Per-Use Copyright Licence:

  • Grants one off rights not currently available under newspaper subscriptions or copyright licensing arrangements. Fill the copyright compliance gaps in your organisations’ existing licensing arrangements.
  • Saves you time from having to locate and clear permissions with individual copyright owners. Our online licensing platform allows you to clear rights for the major Australian news and magazine publishers.
  • Reduces your risk of being brought into copyright dispute. Protect your reputation and avoid potential litigation expenses.
  • Offers a fair fee structure. Our Pay-Per-Use fees are set by the news and magazine publishers so they are in line with industry rates.