Successful applicants must submit an acquittal report in relation to the project for which they have received funding.

Acquittals must report on exactly what the grant has been used for, and relate to the success or otherwise of the project. As well as noting successful outcomes, acquittals must disclose any areas where the project has not delivered on the expected outcomes, providing a full explanation. Other areas of interest to the Copyright Agency Board when reviewing acquittals are the reach of any project (i.e. creator/publisher and general audience members), and any demonstrable benefit to Australian creators such as creation or sale of works related to the project. Acquittals must display that funding was paid toward the items listed in the budgets contained in applications, and in accordance with any stipulations contained in the formal letter of offer sent to recipients.

Copyright Agency is aware that the longer term impact of Cultural Funding often does not crystallize in the formal reporting time for a Cultural Fund allocation. The Copyright Agency Board is keen to be informed about the longer-term impact of Cultural Funding and may require past recipients to provide details of longer term impact to the Cultural Fund Manager at any time.

Acquittals must be submitted in accordance with the time-frame outlined in the offer of funding. Where applicants are unable to supply an acquittal within this time-frame, they must contact the Cultural Fund Manager and discuss amended reporting requirements.

Where an applicant has failed to submit an adequate acquittal, they will not be granted subsequent funding until a satisfactory acquittal has been submitted to the Copyright Agency.

Recipients should note that the quality of their acquittals for previous funding will be assessed and taken into account in any future applications they make to the Cultural Fund. The detail of reporting required is greater for larger amounts of Cultural Funding allocated.

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