How does copyright impact on my business?

Third party content directly benefits thousands of businesses in Australia, across all industries, who use it to inform their decision making and achieve their objectives.

As most literary and visual works are protected by copyright, your employees will usually need permission from the copyright owner to copy and share text, tables, graphs or images that were created by others.

This includes content from:

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Industry reviews, journals and updates
  • Books
  • Research and competitive analysis reports
  • Survey plans and maps


What does the law say?

It is not just important for you to have permission from the copyright owners and pay for the right to reuse content for the benefit of your business; it is a legal requirement too.

Copyright is a form of Intellectual Property Law and gives copyright owners exclusive rights to deal with their works in certain ways.

In Australia, copyright law is set out in federal legislation (Copyright Act 1968) and in court decisions which have interpreted the Act. As copyright law is federal legislation, liability for infringement is strict; good intentions and misinformation are not valid defences if you are caught infringing copyright.

What content can I reuse under a licence?

At Copyright Agency we know copyright is a complex topic and common myths and misconceptions can leave considerable compliance gaps, putting your company at risk of being brought into a copyright dispute.

We’ve done the hard work for you so you do not have to seek permission from content creators individually. A licence allows your employees to copy and share content from millions of sources internally and externally.*

Our licences are tailored to your industry. The annual fee covers your entire organisation and is based on the number of employees and the specific rights you require.

What are the key benefits to your business?

  • Speed and efficiency

    Enjoy a fast and unencumbered flow of information

  • Ease of use

    One licence covers copyright material from millions of sources

  • Peace of mind

    All of your employees can legally reuse our members’ content*

  • Collaboration

    Email content to external stakeholders

  • Learning and innovation

    Create a culture that allows employees to share material freely

What does the Copyright Agency do with my licence fees?

The not-for-profit Copyright Agency pays back more than 87c in every dollar collected to creators such as journalists, authors and publishers. This allows them to continue to develop new high-quality content for organisations like yours to use in the future.

*Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. This fact sheet is a guide only. Refer to the licence agreement for full terms and conditions.