Testimonials from Licensees

Asia Pacific International College

Dr Michelle Cavaleri, Director of Academic Enhancement

“The Statutory Education Licence is the most simple, straightforward and cost-efficient way to ensure we are compliant with Australian Copyright Law. It also assures us that fair compensation is made to the creators of content used in learning and teaching.”

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National Institute of Dramatic Art

Ross Bruzzese, Librarian

"Thanks to the flexibility and protection of the Statutory Education Licence we can confidently maintain our compliance with licensing laws"

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Alphacrucis University College

Kerrie Stevens, Director of Library Services

“As an education provider, the Statutory Education Licence is essential to allow us to legally communicate and distribute materials to our staff and students, whilst also fairly compensating the producers of that material.”

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EQUALS International

Easa Sameer, Academic Librarian

“The Statutory Education Licence is an essential tool to enable institutions to maximise their use of content for their teaching and learning, without compromising Australian copyright laws or the interests of teaching and learning material producers. Putting the licence in place is a remarkable achievement for EQUALS and will have a positive impact on the learning and teaching experiences of our students and staff equally”

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International House Brisbane - ALS

Neil Preston, Principal

“The Statutory Education Licence gives us the freedom for staff to find the source that they think is best; we don’t have to prescribe materials that they have to stay to. Every teacher and class is different, and the licence lets us acknowledge and meet that. It’s about fairness; we want to support the creative industries that supply material that we use, and not undermine them. Classes are so much better when we can engage learners authentically, and we want to keep that for the future”

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No Nonsense Tutoring


"As an online tutoring provider, the Statutory Education Licence allows us to create personalised learning content and worksheets in a manner that is legal, cost-efficient, and high quality. The licence ensures we can provide the most appropriate learning materials to our students, whilst staying compliant with Australian copyright laws and being fair to the creators of those materials.”

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Hendersons Educational Services

Annette Paroissien – Executive Director

"The Statutory Education Licence provides us with peace of mind when using and distributing copyrighted materials for our coaching and tutoring services. The Copyright Agency staff have also been incredibly helpful in providing ongoing support to help answer our copyright questions."

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Australian Psychological Society

Olga Papadopoulos, Head of Education and Training

“The Australian Psychological Society (APS) delivers education and information to psychologists and the broader mental health workforce in a variety of formats. The education that is developed is evidence based therefore third party materials need to be incorporated into the content. Copyright Agency’s licences assist us in doing this easily and legally”

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