Testimonials from Licencees

Asia Pacific International College

Dr Michelle Cavaleri, Director of Academic Enhancement

“The Statutory Education Licence is the most simple, straightforward and cost-efficient way to ensure we are compliant with Australian Copyright Law. It also assures us that fair compensation is made to the creators of content used in learning and teaching.”

Alphacrucis College

Kerrie Stevens, Director of Library Services

“As an education provider, the Statutory Education Licence is essential to allow us to legally communicate and distribute materials to our staff and students, whilst also fairly compensating the producers of that material.”

EQUALS International

Easa Sameer, Academic Librarian

“The Statutory Education Licence is an essential tool to enable institutions to maximise their use of content for their teaching and learning, without compromising Australian copyright laws or the interests of teaching and learning material producers. Putting the licence in place is a remarkable achievement for EQUALS and will have a positive impact on the learning and teaching experiences of our students and staff equally”

Open Colleges Australia

Head of Legal

"Having the Statutory Education Licence in place ensures we can easily meet our obligations under the Copyright Law, and fairly compensate the copyright owners of any materials we might use."