A new copyright remuneration arrangement with the schools’ sector has been set for the next four years (2019-2022). This agreement will cover the use of a huge amount of material used by Australian teachers and 3.8 million students across Australia.

The agreement provides certainty over payments for the four-year term; commits us to working together on a new measurement system to capture usage; and allows either party to go to the Copyright Tribunal if we cannot agree on the most reliable ways to measure usage. The agreement includes an option that if both parties were unable to reach agreement by September 2020 then either party could ask the Tribunal to assist with new arrangements.

Copyright Agency recently made an application to the Copyright Tribunal of Australia, asking for assistance with designing new methodologies for collecting data from schools in relation to their copying and sharing of content under the education statutory licence which the Copyright Agency administers under a declaration made by the Federal Government.

Copyright Agency seeks a method to collect sufficient data to enable fair payments to be made to Australian publishers, authors and artists whose content is extensively copied and shared in Australian schools, while causing minimal administrative impact on teachers.

Copyright Agency believes that advances in digital technology mean that it is possible to efficiently collect accurate data about what material teachers are using under the licence, while reducing the administrative time spent by teachers on collecting data.

See a message from Copyright Agency CEO Adam Suckling.