Schools and TAFEs

In late 2012, Copyright Advisory Group – Schools (CAG), who represent the school sector, finalised negotiations for a three-year agreement (1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015) with the Copyright Agency.

Under this agreement, the rate was fixed for the term at the 2012 rate: $16.93 per full-time equivalent (FTE) student. The rate per student will not increase by the consumer price index (CPI) during the period of the agreement. The overall licence fees will, however, be affected by student numbers from year to year. There are currently around 3.57 million school students.

As part of the three year agreement, the Copyright Agency and CAG Schools agreed that, for 2013, the parties will continue the current data collection system (separate surveys for hardcopy and electronic use) with the following variations:

  • printing and scanning will be recorded as part of the hardcopy survey rather than a part of the electronic use survey (EUS) survey;
  • the Copyright Agency and CAG Schools will collaboratively undertake a trial of an automated data collection process for multi-function devices in at least four NSW schools. Multi-function devices are machines that print, photocopy and scan

The Copyright Agency and CAG Schools are currently in discussions regarding arrangements for 2016 and beyond.

Download this infographic – Why Should I Care About Copyright? to see the how the education copying scheme (statutory licence) works for schools.


All TAFEs are covered under remuneration arrangements under the copying scheme (statutory licence).

Australia’s TAFE Institute network is the largest and most diverse tertiary education sector with more than 1000 campuses located across Central Business Districts (CBD), suburban, regional and remote locations. Nationally there are 58 government owned TAFE institutes and university TAFE divisions delivering courses to a total of 560,000 fulltime equivalent TAFE students.

The Copyright Agency and Copyright Advisory Group -TAFE (CAG TAFE), negotiate the National TAFE agreement. A separate agreement with Victoria TAFE is negotiated with the Victorian TAFE Association.

The current National TAFE agreement is a lump sum agreement covering the period 2014 – 2018 and the Victoria TAFE agreement is also a lump sum agreement on an annual rollover basis. Both agreements provide for survey monitoring.

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